Manage consultations with LOUIS Referrals

LOUIS Referrals is a flexible and easy-to-use solution for consultation which will save you time and money. With LOUIS Referrals you can configure the system to match your community's processes as well as meet regulatory requirements.

Configure Referrals
LOUIS Referrals is configured to match community processes
Automated Process
Automated GIS analysis saves time and reduces errors
Record Steps
Record each step so you can create a record of consultation easily
Template Design
Template based design provides consistency and flexibility

Define Community Templates

  • Create templates to guide the consultation and review process
  • Use multiple templates to control the flow of the process
  • Create new or modify existing templates as needed
Referrals Template Design

Review Proposals

  • Track the progress of a proposal and see all proposals in one place
  • Build a record of consultation together with proponent via the integrated message system
  • Minimize administrative overhead by linking contacts to proposals
Referrals Proposal Dashboard

Create and Manage Invoices

  • Create invoices within or independent of proposal reviews
  • Send invoices via email or print and mail them
  • Record and track invoice status
Referrals Invoice Graphs

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