Organization Accounts Overview

In Canada, there is a duty for governments to consult with Indigenous communities about proposed developments. In many parts of Canada, the crown has delegated this responsibility to the private companies proposing the projects. LOUIS Planner is a tool to facilitate the consultation process between industry or government organizations and Indigenous communities. For security and privacy reasons, these organizations need accounts within our system.

If you work for an Indigenous community, this is not the page for you, please contact us by phone or via our contact page and we will happily arrange a demo for you.

If you work for a forestry, mining or oil and gas company, or are contracted by them to consult with Indigenous communities in Canada, then this page may be for you. Please check if the Indigenous community with which you wish to consult is in the list of current Indigenous communities wanting to be consulted through LOUIS Planner. If an Indigenous community is not currently using LOUIS Planner, you can not use this tool to engage with them at this time.

If you already have a login, click on the Log In button at the top right of the screen. If you do not have a user login, see the sections below.

Getting an Account

If your organization does not have an account and you need to consult with one of the Indigenous communities listed below, please click on the link below to register for an account. As part of this process you will be required to review and agree to our standard terms of service. You do not need to install anything on your computer or server to use this service. If you have any questions or concerns about this license we are happy to discuss it with you or your legal counsel.

Please note there are no fees for the use of this service by organizations. Also note that from a proponents perspective, the purpose of this platform is to submit specific proposals for review. If your organization has a more general or theoretical inquiry you are encouraged to contact the Nation or Nations in question directly to start a conversation.

Please note that to protect everyone's privacy we robustly verify all account requests; this process normally takes about 5 business days. With this confirmation you will be provided access to documentation and tutorials on the use of LOUIS Planner. Also note that you will be required to set a password of at least 12 characters in length. For recommendations on how to set appropriately strong passwords we recommend reviewing this illustrative comic from xkcd.

If your organization does have an account but you do not have a user login, please contact the user within your organization with administrative privileges to set up a user account for you. If all other staff have left your company and you no longer have access, please use the Contact page to let us know and we will reach out once we have confirmed the validity of your request.

How Organization Accounts Work

Once logged in, you can define a proposed project and engage with one or more of the Indigenous communities in the project area who are using LOUIS Planner.

Within the project you define, you will upload the spatial footprint as a GIS shapefile along with all other documentation required in your jurisdiction. This information will then be shared with the Indigenous communities who will then use it in their assessment the impact of the proposed project on their communities.

Messaging tools within LOUIS Planner will facilitate regular communications between Organizations and Indigenous communities. Task tools are also provided to record communications such as phone calls or to help schedule things like meetings or site visits. At the end of the consultation process you will be able to export a record of consultation you co-created with the engaged Indigenous communities by using LOUIS Planner as an Excel file.

Please note that this service is provided at no cost to Organizations as our clients are Indigenous communities. Also note that all our client data is their sole private property and we therefore can not share or sell their information.

Current Indigenous Communities

Current communities in Alberta are:

  • Enoch Cree Nation
  • Louis Bull Tribe
  • Montana First Nation
  • Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation
  • Swan River First Nation
  • Whitefish First Nation #128

Current communities in British Columbia are:

  • Prophet River First Nation
  • Songhees First Nation
  • Tsawout First Nation