Develop and review spatial plans

With LOUIS Planner you can bring your consultation data and processes together. You can stay on top of day-to-day operations with calendar sharing, to do lists and reminders. Planner easy to configure for a quick start and provides ongoing flexibility and time savings.

Configure Referrals
Configure Planner to meet regulatory and community needs
Automated Process
Run automated GIS analyses easily
Record Steps
Record each task so you can create a record of consultation easily
Template Design
Use templates for letters, analyses and other tasks to save time

Bring everything together in one place

  • Get proponents to upload their information directly using the web portal
  • Log communications and reduce email through data sharing and internal messages
  • Integrate data gathering and spatial analysis into the review process

Stay on top of day-to-day operations

  • Schedule tasks, meetings and site visits
  • Prioritize your work with reminders and other tools
  • Define and use letters, forms and spatial analyses to save time

Get staff up and running quickly

  • Easily learn the clean and clear interface
  • Access the on-line reference manual with video tutorials
  • Enroll in customized webinars or on-site training to improve your LOUIS Toolkit knowledge

Planning and consultation can spread you thin

Start bringing things together with LOUIS Planner today