Archive and conduct community led research

Assert control of community information and protect privacy with LOUIS Heritage. You can preserve context as well as content by keeping and using maps, text, audio, video and photos together. You can then use community perspectives to analyze and present information.

Archive information with contextual details
Community Defined Categories
Use community values and perspectives to guide analysis
Research Methods
Configure the system to match your research needs
Make Maps
Create effective maps from interviews easily

Assert community ownership and protect privacy

  • Ensure community access and data ownership with our service agreement
  • Flag individual features or parts of interviews as private
  • Configure user access to protect sensitive information

Store and use all your information together

  • Organize information by projects and interviews
  • Preserve context by linking multimedia, transcripts and map data together
  • Explore information by content or context

Use community perspectives to analyze your information

  • Configure projects to meet your research design needs
  • Analyze data with flexible tools for community defined categories and coding schemes
  • Use analysis results and raw data together to create maps and reports

There are no substitutes for good data

Get more value out of your cultural research with LOUIS Heritage