Web & mobile GIS for regular folks

With LOUIS Spatial you can define, collect, import and manage GIS data. You can create spatial analyses and make effective maps and print them as PDFs. With online help, video tutorials and a few training sessions you and your team can get up and running quickly.

Mobile Device
Collect data or edit data in the field
Image Gallery
Keep photos and media linked to features
Secure Phone
Protect privacy of records and fields
Share Data
Share data is easily and securely

Collect and assemble data easily

  • Define data layers and enable them for mobile data collection (Android and iOS)
  • Import existing data using standard formats
  • Connect to external sources or to other spatial data within the LOUIS Toolkit

Create and share effective maps quickly

  • Process your data with the analysis tool to create useful information
  • Make attractive maps that follow good map design principles with the map creation tool
  • Download maps as PDFs or share web maps within your community

Get staff up and running quickly

  • Easily learn the clean and clear interface
  • Access the on-line reference manual with video tutorials
  • Enroll in customized webinars or on-site training to improve your LOUIS Toolkit knowledge

Data collection and map making doesn't need to be difficult

Get started with LOUIS Spatial today