Affordable and effective asset management

LOUIS Assets is more than a housing database, it can be used to manage all the physical assets for an Indigenous Nation or any small community. Start with inventories and data import, move on to managing day-to-day operations and then use your information to plan for the future.

Improve efficiency of everyday operations with printable and mobile forms
hierarchical structure
Simplify tenant management with accurate historical information
Use the integrated GIS functions to assist with housing site selection
Improve capital planning with easy access to relevant information

Assemble information and find it easily

  • Find information quickly with searchable lists and maps
  • Import existing data using standard formats
  • Use mobile devices to conduct inventories

Stay on top of day-to-day operations

  • Easily record new issues on assets when they are reported
  • Schedule and track repairs and maintenance
  • Manage revenue and expenses
  • Configure and manage applications (e.g. housing, renovation)

Prioritize spending with your information

  • Evaluate assets by age, condition and risk
  • Review past and expected expenses and revenue

Effective asset management takes time

The best time to start with LOUIS Assets is now